A look inside Australia’s most secretive club

Australia’s most exclusive club, the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge, doesn’t accept applications for membership, doesn’t charge a fee and its entrance doesn’t have a sign. It’s been around almost 30 years but many haven’t even heard its name.

Membership – and the personal service, seat upgrades and fine dining options that come with it – is by invitation only. But the process is secretive, and no-one really knows for sure how members are selected.

The lounge could well be the most exclusive in the world. There are plenty of invitation-only clubs offering membership for a steep fee. But we haven’t found another club which is invite only and no fee that provides such luxurious benefits.

It’s possible to find the lounges, if you know where to look. Go to a Qantas terminal, head in the direction of the Qantas business class lounge and follow the signs saying “Private” to a smoked glass sliding door without any signage. More